Monday, March 15, 2010

Mornings are dark again....time to press snooze.

Well, our time has changed. What used to be 6am is now 7am but it still looks like 6am in the sky....with the dark before morning feel. I had the hardest time waking up today. It's like I just took a flight to another time zone and the "news" plays way later than it should be. You see, I live in the central time zone so any trip to the coast is a trip with time....changing my little clock...the tiny one that sits by the bed right next to the hotel clock that I never trust.

Why do we have to do this time change thing? Why can't we trust the sun to come around when she needs to be there? I've never understood it. I know the reasons that are told to me and all that .... but really, isn't this all man made....the need to control light?