Saturday, July 17, 2010

What is important...really?

I'm watching a computer die. It's one that has served me well...and even as I write this, I'm wondering when it will freeze. I started thinking, over the past few days away from my facebook friends, about what I want to do on my computer...given the little time that I have before she dies. I took for granted the times playing solitare and times locked in scrabble games which are now at a stand still. I feel lost without my FB network...and yet, this breakdown of my old "Mable" has given me time to think. It's time for me to come back my blog...where only a few see and read. It's not so public. Even if I post a link on FB to my blog, only a few will visit. It's my little online island.

That said, here is my share for tonight:

Love y'all.... Josie