Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

I'm so thankful to be welcoming in 2010 tonight! The past year was filled with ups and downs and all arounds. I am taking stock tonight of the past 365 days. There are lots of things I would've done differently and many that I'd never change. I like the sound of 2010 (twenty-ten) and of itself the sound is different than the past 9 years. It's still amazing to me that I made it to the 2000's. I can remember in college in the 80's talking about how "OLD" we would be in the year 2000. We chatted about the Jetsons. Well, that never happened much to my dismay.

Some years I've had the feeling like I wish I could go back. Not this one. I want to move forward...forge ahead...ha! pun intended considering the surgery coming up.

Here's a pick of music in honor of the "blue moon".....

Sunday, December 27, 2009

I'm finally feeling all of this *#@! fearlessly!

When I started this blog, I imagined images of "fearless creativity". I could see the visual creativity. Well, after all that's my thing. I can also hear creativity...even louder when it's FEARLESS. I can hear it in a conversation...sometimes it's the calmest voice of the group. I didn't grow up with the "fearless" voice being the softest. No, in fact, it was quite the opposite.

My intention here was to offer ideas and incentives to be fearless in your own life. As my own interests grew larger and I had my own studio, I lost that mission along the way. I'm not downgrading my blog in any way...mind that! I think that I have shared some absolutely precious finds! There are things in the bowels of this blog that will scratch on the inside of your skull! I am proud of those and they will remain in the "older posts".

Now, I am looking to share more of my thoughts and personal ....personal...personal... geez. What is it. LIFE...that is quite personal. Ok, of today, I am dealing with a scary thing. It was scary two years ago and then it was not. It was just a thing then. A yearly thing....kinda like a pap smear. Only this was an MRI of my brain. The first two years gave me the feeling like it was smooth sailing all the way to Greece (my dream after watching 'Shirley Valentine' ). Anyway, this year the MRI showed that this little growth had flowered in my brain. After all the tending of that cantaloupe in my garden that yielded nothing, and still my brain had another idea. Well, so here I am with this years growth. I wanted it to be something better okra or more tomatoes or squash that didn't rot from alien bugs that came from the next yard I'm sure.

All that to say, my brain is working over time and my garden is perishing. So, I have a growth that has to be pruned on the most important bulb of my brain. It's going to happen on January 12th. I don't know about fearless "creativity" but I do know that this is fearless living. I am trusting in the kindness of friends and strangers to help me step up to the to say. In the next two weeks I will go through tests and meetings and a CT scan to prepare...and I will come back here...maybe not to lay it all out so much as to share what little thing or sound or artwork helped in that day at that time. So, if I put up a link that touches me for that day...well, I hope it touches you too!

With tears,